• Summer Pet Safety Tip! Keep your pets hydrated with fresh, cool water!
  • Summer fun has begun!
  • Dog days of summer
  • Did you Know? We now offer  15% OFF Dental Care all Year!
  • Heartworm Affects Dogs And Cats! Call To Learn More.

  • You adore your pet! Wouldn’t it be nice to work with a vet who shares that level of care and affection? At Academy Pet Hospital, we genuinely respect our clients and we view you and your pet as part of our family. We believe that this relationship is the most important component of quality animal health care.

    As a pet parent, that means friendly greetings, and open communication. For your four-legged family member, that means doing whatever it takes to make your pet feel comfortable, safe and at ease. If that requires extra time and more chin scratches, so be it. If you’re looking for a Fayetteville or Cumberland County vet, we welcome you to give us a try!


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