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Joanna Maria OdomJoanna Maria Odom

I love the professionalism of the whole clinic~~ everyone has the care of each pet on their mind. They do follow up calls & have wonderful services ~~ boarding, grooming & dental care ~ call them for an appointment ~~~

Jordan MurphyJordan Murphy

Everyone is so friendly! I couldn't ask for a better place to take my fur baby!

Wendy Brannigan SchwindWendy Brannigan Schwind

I want to thank Dr. Lehr and the whole staff for taking care of the girls I adopted from the shelter. I was relieved when I knew they could go there from the shelter to be spayed and not to a stranger vet. Unfortunately they are sick and have to wait to be spayed, but they gave me a room and let me spend hours with the girls while they went through testing. I didn't want them to be alone. They are home now and getting ready for their treatment in a few weeks. Thanks for all the compassion you have shown us over the last 10 years. We would never even think about going to another vet. I trust them 100% to do what is best for all 6 of my dogs.

Andrea Wyatt HinmanAndrea Wyatt Hinman

So far so good. I took both of my border collies in for all shots. Dr.Reid was wonderful. He explained everything they did and what needs to happen. Keslie came in went over things before the doc came in . she was great with the dogs and very informative. Now to find the agility classes for the 2. thank you Kelsie and Dr. Reid.

Angela BroxtonAngela Broxton

I would like to say Thank you to the staff at this Pet hospital. I am not from this area and was traveling past NC when I had the worst day of my life and had to find a animal hospital for my baby Ivy. Ivy did not make it and I was/am devastated but the staff were wonderful ran out to get Ivy from my car rushed to save her and was patient and kind when delivering the awful news. When I returned home 1 week later I received a wonderful card that everyone who worked that day wrote alittle something. My own vet did not do this. Thank you so much .

Melissa KempferMelissa Kempfer

They have a great staff! Affordable boarding! Great availability!

Ashlee HughesAshlee Hughes

all the ladies here are fantastic.

Sherry VanceSherry Vance

Big Hearts! Been taking my fur babies there for almost 20 years. The staff is awesome and always makes time to answer your questions when you call with any concerns. Here is Pumpkin, Lucky and the wonderfully great late Harddrive.

Tabitha ShealeyTabitha Shealey

They did an amazing job doing the spaying surgery for my dog! & we're so helpful when she busted her stitches open! They even called days later to check on her which shows they really do care. �

Christina KnoernschildChristina Knoernschild

Our pups love the staff at Academy! We were sad that Dr. Lehr left but we have become fond of Dr. Reid and so have our furry children! As long as we live in Fayetteville we will always take our fur babies to Academy!

Rafael Rivera AvilesRafael Rivera Aviles

Loa mejores the best Good good

Erin SmithErin Smith

This is Nina ❤️
My fun, energetic, loving, snuggly pittie.
About a month ago she got sick. She lost her energy, appetite, and was overall not herself.
Thanks to all of the amazing staff at Academy Pet Hospital my girl is back home and healthy!
She was diagnosed with Addisons Disease.
Dr. Reed and the amazing staff took their time to snuggle her and make her feel at home while she spent 2 days overnight with them!
I finally have my loving energetic girl back all thanks to them!
Everyone was absolutely incredible and I couldn’t have asked for anything more, they truly went above and beyond!
Thank you doesn’t even cover it!

Kat MathisKat Mathis

Dr. Reed has gone above and beyond making sure our pups are well taken care of. Kody has renal disease and Roxy has thyroid disease..... he has explained and reassured us constantly on this journey. It has really been a blessing!

Milton W.Milton W.

This place is the best... ever!!!! Took my Jack Russell "Cody" there because he had messed up his paw jumping off the bed! We were there all of an hour and...

Diane SharpDiane Sharp

A great team of folks who really love my boys 🤗🐕

Andy ClaymanAndy Clayman

Thanks Dr. Lehr and Great staff for all of the years of loving care for Daisy,Hannah, and now, Gertie. We send you best wisjhes from the Wild Wild West!

Thneshia RichardsonThneshia Richardson

Thank you guys for seeing nipp at the last minute. You all are awesome and this will be his new place to come for sick and well visits. Thank you again.

Lorraine LokeeforReal RinconLorraine LokeeforReal Rincon

The only place my pets will let me take them for their care.

Kim BarnettKim Barnett

U all r amazing!!!

Erika WalkerErika Walker

My tiny Yorkie was sick and had to be admitted to the urgent care. We chose Academy Pet as out vet because of the great reviews. While I think everyone is great there, I've run in to a few issues already that I hope can be addressed as we really like the clinic:

1. I brought him in for vaccines and explained to the front desk staff that due to scheduling, I could only take a Saturday appointment. She said she would ask about a Saturday appointment and call me back. She never did

2. When I can to that visit, I brought records with me from the urgent care and gave them to both the front desk staff as well as the technician under the impression that they would be copied and added to my pups file. The vet called and asked for the records because they were not.

3. After my pup was admitted to the urgent care over night, I was required to drop him off the next day to Academy Pet. I dropped him off, there were no techs there so I was told they would call. I never received a call from anyone medical. After several hours of dropping him off, I had to call and check on him. I took off work for the day because I was not sure how long he would be there. I was assured that I would get a call long before closing to let me know what time I could pick him up. Still no update from the Vet. I never received that call, so I called again around 4:30pm and was told that I had to wait until the vet called me. I finally got the call around 5pm saying that I could pick him up. I could have gone to work for the day had proper communication occurred.

4. When I arrived to pick him up, I felt rushed and had minimal time with the vet. He was busy so I get it, but he didn't really seem to be compassionate at he fact the my pup was literally lifeless the day before when he was admitted. He assured that he would call the next day to check on my pup and ensure he was doing well with the medication and prescription food, but the call never came. We are now three day post discharge and the call still has yet to come.

I understand that vets get swamped with animals needing to be seen, but even if the staff can call and keep us updated during stressful times. Pets are like family members. If you had a family member under the care of a provider, you would want some sort of update along the way.

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