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How to Care for Your Bird’s Beak


Imagine if your bird didn’t have his beak—he wouldn’t be able to eat, climb, chew, communicate, and much more! As such, it’s important to keep this important part of your bird’s anatomy healthy. Learn how below from a Cumberland County vet. Regular Beak Trims Regular beak trims are essential for keeping the beak from becoming … Read More »

Behavioral Issues with Birds


Like any other pet, birds need stimulation, love and a proper habitat to thrive. Without all of these elements, birds are prone to becoming sad, bored, or depressed. If your Fayetteville NC bird has been acting up, you’ll want to see if you can figure out what is going on with your feathered friend. If … Read More »

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5 Reasons to Choose a Bird for Your Family Pet


When people use the term “pet”, they’re often referring to traditional four-legged critters, like dogs and cats. Before you run out to your nearest shelter and start looking for a new furry friend to complete your family, we encourage you to think outside the box and consider a different option – a bird. Below, a … Read More »

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Asthma in Macaws


Just as many humans suffer from asthma, Macaws can also be afflicted with this respiratory disease. If you own a Macaw you should be aware of the disorder, its symptoms, and how to go about treating and managing it. Here, your Fayetteville, NC veterinarian offers some help. Causes The cause of Macaw Asthma is varied. … Read More »

Recognizing Stress in Your Pet Bird


Birds are some of the more sensitive creatures in the animal kingdom—as such, they need a healthy environment free of stress in order to remain healthy. As a bird owner, you need to be able to recognize signs of stress in your bird so you can change the stressor and keep your pet happy. Here, … Read More »

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