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    At Academy Pet Hospital in Cumberland County, we believe that quality veterinary care is about more than just the degrees we hold, the education we’ve obtained and the years of experience we’ve amassed – although those are all very important. We believe that what’s more important are the relationships we’ve forged over the years. The bonds we’ve developed and the friends we’ve made. That’s the heart of our practice and what drives the compassionate care we provide. We look forward to welcoming you and your pet to our Fayetteville NC veterinary facility soon!

    Recent Posts

    Trimming Your Cat’s Nails

    Sep 01, 2014

    If a cat’s claws get too long, they can fracture painfully or get snagged on things. It’s important to keep your cat’s nails properly trimmed to avoid any injury. Learn how below from Fayetteville NC veterinarian. Time It Right The … Read More »

    Helping Your Dog Cope with Arthritis

    Aug 15, 2014

    Does your Fayetteville NC dog have arthritis? If so, he isn’t the only one. Arthritis is a very common ailment for aging canines. As many as one in five dogs may develop the condition. Symptoms of arthritis include limping, struggling … Read More »

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